Before beginning

Why do I exist?

In the course of our lives, we constantly experience the joys and endured the trials. But most of us may have not even asked this question to ourselves. It is impossible for me count how many times I have pondered on the reason of my existence. But I’d like to believe that I exist to live, own and share a story.

Where am I headed?

At the end of this journey, I hope I am able to tell an honest tale of a life well lived. I hope to share a story of inspiration stitched from shattered dreams and disappointments. I hope to show my truth, my fears, and my love. To be honest, I am not certain if I will get there.

I found the beginning of my story when I thought my journey was about to end.

I journeyed far and long to find my purpose. But my purpose was too elusive to be found. I always end up stumbling against the harmful combination of frustration and emotional exhaustion. I discontinued to find my purpose. There was a pause in the search, but it was not quiet nor peaceful. It was in the pause that I realized I have already arrived to where I want to go. It was in the disharmony of the pause that I found peace.

HIV. I am a person living with HIV. If this brings discomfort, you may have already pre-judged me. It is because HIV strikes directly at the very core of my dignity and morality. I exist to share a tale told through the prism of courage and love.

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